2. how it works?

MEGAMAX is a super warehouse-style store.

MEGAMAX stores are run like super warehouses, with shopping and warehouse areas together under one roof.
This makes for a different shopping experience compared to regular furniture stores.

Once you've found the item you're looking for...

If the item has a stock card...

Take one or more of the blue stock cards to the cashier, depending on how many items you want.
If the item does not have a stock card...

Small items do not have stock cards.
Simply take the items you want, put them in your basket and make your way to the cashier.

pay for your items at the cashier
If you want your items delivered...

Take the stock cards and your receipt over to the delivery counter.
Delivery charges will be added at the cashier.
If you want to take your items home yourself...
Just pick up your items and off you go!
Members of staff are on hand to help you carry large items to your car if necessary.
If taking your items home yourself, we ask that you wait between 10 and 15 minutes for a member of staff to prepare your items. As soon as they are ready, it will be announced over the in-store speaker system.

Stock cards and order cards

an item has a card like this, it means that there are items in stock or display items available.
Please take the card to the cashier.

* If purchasing a display item, it will say so on the card.
If an item has a card like this, it means that it will have to be ordered. Items will be delivered to the store within 10 days from the date of purchase. Such items can be purchased in the same way as items in stock. Simply take the card to the cashier to pay.

~ Important note ~

Stock cards and order cards are only valid for the day of purchase.
Members of staff constantly check the number of items in stock against the number of cards, so if you take a card home and bring it back another day, you will not be able to exchange it for the relevant product.
Please bear this in mind when shopping.

Self assembly

Items whose cards say "self assembly" can be assembled for you for an additional assembly charge if you wish.Assembly charges vary depending on the item in question. Please check the item's price card or ask a nearby member of staff for further details.
* Please be aware that we are unable to assemble items for same-day collection on weekends or national holidays.

Collection of unwanted furniture

For a fee of ¥3,000 per item (tax inclusive), we will collect unwanted items of furniture when delivering newly purchased items providing that it is an equivalent item of furniture. (This service is only available in Zones A and B as designated by MEGAMAX.)
日本最大級の家具アウトレット 千葉NT店 One of the largest Furniture outlet store in Japan.
MEGAMAX Chiba NT store
5-1 Nishinohara, Inzai-shi,
Chiba prefecture 270-1334
[Opening Hours]

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神奈川県最大の家具アウトレット 厚木店 One of the largest Furniture outlet store in Kanagawa.
MEGAMAX Atsugi store
5-31-1 Tomuro, Atsugi-shi,
Kanagawa prefecture 243-0013
[Opening Hours]
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