If you're looking for a bed or sofa outlet,it has to be MEGAMAX!

Why are outlet prices so low?

The reason why prices for our products are so low is our three-tier A-B-C product ranking system.
The reason why prices for our products are so low is our three-tier A-B-C product ranking system
Grade A items include surplus stock, former stock and discontinued lines.
They are the same quality and made from the same materials as regular furniture.
Grade B items include display items, trial products and items that have sustained superficial damage during shipping.
All such products are still in perfect working order.

Grade C items include products with missing parts and damaged items.
You can use them however you want and might even come across a real bargain!

All items are sold as seen at outlet prices and will not be replenished. Each and every item is priced low for a reason.

The secret to our low prices #1:We eliminate the middleman a substantially cut distribution costs
Regular furniture stores
Furniture chain stores

Direct imports make for low prices!

The secret to our low prices #2: Our low cost operations
Regular and furniture chain stores
Regular and furniture chain stores

Most stores have multistory outlets that are separate from their warehouses.
This generates extra personnel costs.

Even though our Chiba NT store is a single-story store specialist furniture store, it is still one of the largest in Japan.

Area of site: 25,000m2
Floor area: 10,000m2
Building: approximately 100m X 100m
Going once round the store is like one lap round a 400m running track!

MEGAMAX is also run like a super warehouse, with shopping and warehouse areas together under one roof.
We even use electric carts to move products around in-store.
(MEGAMAX has even been recognized by Chiba Prefecture for its innovative management planning.)

The secret to our low prices #3:We are the largest furniture outlet in Japan
Furniture and interior goods often prove difficult to sell according to plan. Using small lot production systems means that the more items are produced, the more unplanned items manufacturers have in stock. Items are also frequently returned to manufacturers due to sustaining superficial damage during shipping.
We use our close links with both domestic and overseas manufacturers to enable us to buy in stock on a timely basis.